Inversión en solar PV

Creation of an attractive and stable market for investments in solar PV in the Philippines

Design of a Feed-in Tariff system and supporting regulatory framework for Solar PV

The Government of the Philippines had strong ambitions to increase its level of energy independence, and decouple power generation and CO2 emissions. With excellent solar radiation resources, the Government wished to put in place a reliable, clear, transparent and long-term framework (legal and regulatory) for investments in Solar PV projects. BlacktoGreen´s expert participated in this World Bank-funded project to design an adequate Feed-In Tariff system to remunerate electricity generated from Solar PV technologies in the Philippines. Key tasks involved developing the specific terms and conditions of remuneration (e.g. tariff levels for specific technology size bands), as well as the remuneration duration periods, tariff indexation and review arrangements, and further relevant regulatory issues.

The Feed-In Tariff was developed taking into consideration international experience in the application of regulatory frameworks and Feed-In Tariff systems for Solar PV. By incorporating the lessons learned from past experiences, the output was a strong Solar PV generation framework that had considerable appeal to international investors, whilst also being transparent, stable and affordable for the population of the Philippines.