Sustainability Solutions

Climate finance

Investment funds’ interest in being involved in so-called ‘climate’ and ‘green’ investments is growing rapidly. Climate finance comes from a wide range of sources. BlacktoGreen helps project developers and governments understand the opportunities offered by climate finance for their project or sustainable development strategy. If you’re a climate fund manager, you may be interested in our solutions. We’d like to hear from you [more info+]

Carbon footprint

BlacktoGreen provides market-leading services in the Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of greenhouse gas emissions. We have long-term experience in successfully delivering solutions based on MRV platforms and emissions microsensors, all conected via the Internet of Things (IoT). [more info+]

Climate technology transfer

We specialise in the efficient transfer of cutting-edge knowledge, expertise and technologies for the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and in particular, from more economically-developed countries to less-economically developed countries. In particular, our work relates to sustainable (low-CO2) energy markets, energy efficiency, and environmental services. Our experts have helped develop Clean Development Mechanism methodologies, and developing Climate Change Strategies for Government. We have worked for clients across four continents, providing services to BID, ADB, Governments and others. BlacktoGreen is a member of the UN CTCN network of technical assistance providers.  [more info+]

Smart cities

We support city governments and local authorities in developing the strategies and accion plans that will make them more efficient, cleaner, more habitable and economically-prosperous. We offer cross-sector integrated solutions in energy, energy efficiency, mobility, waste management, infrastructure development and green spaces. [Contact us]

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