Hydropower sector in Laos

Strategic support to improve fiscal & finance

BlacktoGreen’s sustainability expert contributed to this World Bank-funded assignment, which aimed to help the Government of Lao PDR to promote the sustainable development of its hydropower sector. The overall goals were to promote the decoupling of electricity generation and greenhouse gas emissions in Laos, as well as optimizing revenue streams from the sector.

The project tasks included (1) making a detailed review of current arrangements in Lao PDR with regard to regulating the hydropower sector and the financial remuneration of projects; and (2) analysing the experience in hydro power sector fiscal regimes in Norway, Nepal, Brazil, Panamá, Granada, and India. A key project output was the provision of recommendations to adapt the fiscal and taxation regime for hydropower in Laos, drawing on best international practice.

The recommendations and report conclusions were designed to increase the internal capacities and capabilities of the relevant Ministry of Energy personnel in the Government of Laos (with responsibility for setting and implementing the country´s hydropower fiscal regime).

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