Energy Audit

An energy audit is a systematic analysis of the energy consumption of a building, industry or process. Through a detailed study of consumption processes, we can build up a picture of a business’ energy consumption, and the reasons behind that consumption, across all its operations. We can also be a useful basis for defining a series of energy saving measures which can be implemented.

In Spain, Royal Decree 56/2016 requires some entreprises to undertake an energy audit every four years, with the aim of promoting energy saving actions and supporting the transition towards more sustainable consumption. On the other hand, some businesses opt undertake an audit simply to understand their consumption.

BlacktoGreen undertakes energy audits to help our clients understand their consumption. We also develop energy savings measures, which are tailor made to respond to our clients needs.

If you feel you could benefit from an energy audit and are unsure of where to start, contact us.


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