Climate funds supply questionnaire

This is a great opportunity to disseminate information about your climate finance instruments among potential users.

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5 of 10. Which type (fields) of climate change projects are supported by your fund?*
MitigationAdaptationCapacity buildingTechnology transferDisaster risk reductionREDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation of Forests)Others

If focus in other type, please specify

6 of 10. What is the sectoral focus of your fund?*
All sectorsRenewable energyEnergy efficiencyEnergy sector (general)AgricultureWaterForestry and natural resourcesTransportHealthFuel switchingEducationUrban environment, cities and municipalitiesHousing and buildingsWaste managementCoastal zones managementEconomics and marketsGovernance and institutional reformsOther

If focused in other sector, please specify

7 of 10. In which geographic area does your fund mostly support climate change projects?*

AfricaAsiaLatino América y CaribeAmérica Central y América del NorteMedio OrienteEuropaAustralasiaIn the next country or countries (If more than one country, please CTRL + click on everyone

8 of 10. What is the typical overall CAPEX of the projects which your fund aims to support?*
0€- 300,000300,000€- 500,000500,000€- 1,000,0001,000,000€- 2,500,000Más de 2,500,000

9 of 10. What is the scale (amount) of financial support typically provided by the Fund to a given project / investment? *
0€ - 150,000€150,000€ - 300,000€300,000€ - 500,000€500,000€ - 1,000,000€Más de 1,000,000€

10 of 10. Which type(s) of financial support are provided by your fund?*
Debt financeEquityConcessional loanGuaranteesGrantsTecnical assistancePurchase of carbon creditsShort-term liquidityInsuranceIn-kind contributionCo-financingPurchase of REDD+ creditsRisk sharing and risk management mechanismsGreen bondsOthers

If other, please specify

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